Why Consignment Furnishings?

Consignment Furnishings is great for people who want to furnish their homes because at Round the House Consignment we have standards that ensure the quality of each piece.  It’s more affordable than buying brand new and allows for a wider selection that isn’t as easy to find in most stores.  It’s a great feeling to discover that perfect table, couch, or painting that fits your decor.  Consigning your furniture will allow you to make a change and recover some of the original cost so you can put that toward new furniture or whatever you like.  Furniture Consignment is satisfying for the shoppers in Tulsa and also the sellers because everybody wins! The Tulsa shopper gets their favorite new piece of furniture while the Consignor gets paid for the furniture they want to change out to keep new fresh decor in their home. Consignment furnishings are timeless and can be enjoyed in many homes throughout its life, inspiring new ideas and possibilities for your home.